Social Media Services 

$20/month Tweet Tweet Tweet 
Twitter revamping, including: daily tweets, increasing invisibility, increasing followers, cleaning out inactive followers, maintaining an interactive timeline which gains you new followers weekly.

$20/month Facebook Frenzy 
Facebook revamping, including: daily postings, increasing invisibility, increasing page followers, using eye catching content and graphics to increase reach, maintaining an interactive timeline which gains you new followers weekly.

$90 - 8 hour Facebook Party
Which includes:

  • event set up
  • custom graphic/advertisement
  • inviting a large quantity of guests as well as spreading the word to the author/reader community
  • setting up and coordinating the guest schedule/calendar 
  • being a host (making sure things run smoothly by being active during the party, including announcing guests)
  • working with authors to ensure any contests/giveaways during event are dispersed to winners

Graphic Services

$10 for 3 book covers or $20 for 10 covers
Place book cover into iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, etc. This can be a useful and eye catching tool for you to promote your books.


$5 up to 10 images 
HTML slider for your blog/site. This can be made for book covers, banners, colleagues, the possibilities are endless. This is an example of one made for blogs I contribute to. Each image can be linked to their own site.

Nicki Day Nicole Morgan Nicole Morgan Nicole Morgan Nicole Morgan and others Taylor Brooks Nicole Morgan Nicole Morgan

$5 for 1 promotional post or $10 for 3 promotional posts 
You decide what gets placed on it, or if you can't decide I'll use our imagination and whip something up for you.

$5 - $10 per banner (blog/website/Facebook/Twitter)
This price is based on size and the complexity of what you are looking for. The one's shown below and on portfolio page would be $5

** All payments are to be made via paypal to ** 

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